The MIPEX Health strand: a longitudinal, mixedmethods survey of policies on migrant health in 38 countries

Author/s: David Ingleby, Roumyana Petrova-Benedict, Thomas Huddleston, Elena Sanchez
Language: English
Publication Type: Scientific Report (Journal)(External)

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Background Within health systems, equity between migrants and native-born citizens is still a long way from being achieved. Benchmarking the equitability of policies on migrant health is essential for monitoring progress and identifying positive and negative aspects of national policies. For this purpose, the 2015 round of the Migrant Integration Policy Index (MIPEX) was expanded to include a strand on health, in a collaborative project carried out between 2013 and 2017 in 38 countries. 
Methods Indicators of policies to promote equity were derived from the 2011 Recommendations of the Council of Europe on ‘mobility, migration and access to health care’ and used to construct a questionnaire compatible with MIPEX methodology. This yielded scores for Entitlement, Accessibility, Responsiveness and Measures to achieve change. 
Results As a measuring instrument, the questionnaire has a high degree of internal consistency, while exploratory factor analysis showed a coherent relationship between its statistical structure and the four scales it comprises. Measures to achieve change were strongly associated with Responsiveness, but not at all with Entitlements and only slightly with Accessibility. Examining the results from the sub-sample of 34 ‘European’ countries, wide variations in the equitability of policies were found: these were mainly associated with a country’s wealth (GDP), but differences between EU13 and EU15 countries were too extreme to explain completely in such terms. 
Conclusions The MIPEX Health strand is a robust measurement tool that has already yielded a number of important results and is providing a valuable resource for both researchers and policy-makers. 

IOM Contributor: Roumyana Petrova-Benedict (Brussels) 

European Journal of Public Health