Started in 2019, the Migration Health Research Podcast is a new feature of the Migration Health Research Bulletin, presenting interviews with IOM authors/contributors on publications featured in the issue. Listen to the past episodes below.

NOTE: Music used in the podcast is "City Sunshine" by Kevin MacLeod. This was obtained from https://freepd.com

Migration Health Research Podcast No. 14 (Migration Health Research Bulletin #27) 
Dorien Braam, Assistant Professor of Social Science in One Health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and the Director of Praxis Labs research and consulting, speaks about the importance of the inclusion of migrants into policies and actions towards zoonotic disease prevention and control. Katy Barwise, IOM’s Senior Programme Manager for the United Nations Network on Migration Secretariat, discusses the publication centered on guiding the integration of migration into health interventions.


Migration Health Research Podcast No. 13 (Migration Health Research Bulletin #26) 
Kit Leung, IOM Migration Health Regional Thematic Specialist for Southern Africa, based in Pretoria, South Africa, shares the findings of a desk review to determine the rights of migrants to access healthcare services in the 16 Southern African Development Community Member States. Ursula Trummer, Head of the Center for Health and Migration in Vienna, Austria, provides an overview of the health challenges faced by international migrant workers globally.


Migration Health Research Podcast No. 12 (Migration Health Research Bulletin #25) 
Dr. Farah Amin, Migration Health Division’s Regional Vaccination Programme Coordinator for Sub-Saharan Africa, who is based in IOM Regional Office in Nairobi, outlines the result of the study which looks at the immunization coverage of refugees being resettled in the United Kingdom who underwent IOM’s health assessment programme. Dr. Radheshyam Krishna KC, Migration Health Project Officer, who was formerly from IOM Nepal, and is now in IOM Libya based in Tunis, discusses the findings on the management of migrant health information in Nepal.

Migration Health Research Podcast No. 11 (Migration Health Research Bulletin #24) 
Dr. Ana Requena-Méndez, Assistant Research Professor at the Department of Medicine Solna, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden and Barcelona Institute for Global Health, Spain speaks about a health information system that registers health data on newly arriving migrants and what they found out about the health status of migrants.


Migration Health Research Podcast No. 10 (Migration Health Research Bulletin #23)
Lucy Jordan, Associate Professor, University of Hong Kong, outlines the key findings on the health and social consequences among left-behind children and caregivers in migrant households in Cambodia.


Migration Health Research Podcast No. 9 (Migration Health Research Bulletin #22) 
Violina Nazaria, Project Coordinator based in IOM Chisinau, discusses the challenges in accessing health care and social services faced by trafficked persons in Moldova. Haley West, Migration Health Senior Programme Officer in Health in Emergencies based in IOM Headquarters talks about the importance and utility of IOM’s health border and mobility management framework.


Migration Health Research Podcast No. 8 (Migration Health Research Bulletin #21) 
Dr. Susanna Corona Maioli, doctor and Ph.D. candidate at the Institute for Global Health, UCL [University College London] talks about international migration and the health of unaccompanied minors.

Migration Health Research Podcast No. 7 (Migration Health Research Bulletin #20) 
Michela Martini, Regional Migration Health Specialist for East Africa, speaks about refugees’ access to maternal health services in Kenya.


Migration Health Research Podcast No. 6 (Migration Health Research Bulletin #19) 
Warren Dalal, Migration Health Division’s Global Vaccination Programme Coordinator and Dr. Farah Amin, Migration Health Division’s Regional Vaccination Programme Coordinator for Africa, both based in IOM Regional Office in Nairobi talks about the IOM vaccination programme for US-bound refugees. Sunday Smith, Public Health Officer based in IOM Regional Office in Nairobi discusses migration health governance in Africa.


Migration Health Research Podcast No. 5 (Migration Health Research Bulletin #18)
Dr. Olga Gorbacheva, Global Coordinator of IOM's Health Assessment Programme, based in IOM Headquarters in Geneva, speaks about the importance of providing high-quality services for the management of tuberculosis.

Migration Health Research Podcast No. 4 (Migration Health Research Bulletin #17)
Dr. Francis Mulekya, Migration Health Coordinator based in IOM Pretoria talks about the stories of change and best practices pertaining to sexual and reproductive health rights in Southern Africa. And Dr. Aiko Kaji, Migration Health Project Development and Implementation Officer based in IOM Hanoi, speaks about the migrant health status in Viet Nam.

Migration Health Research Podcast No. 3 (Migration Health Research Bulletin #16)
Dr. Dominik Zenner, IOM's Regional Migration Health Specialist in Europe, talks about their study that evaluates the interventions that might lead to a reduction in tuberculosis in high-income countries.


Migration Health Research Podcast No. 2 (Migration Health Research Bulletin #15)
Professor David Ingleby, Researcher at the Centre for Social Science and Global Health at the University of Amsterdam, discusses the factors that affect the international migrant stock in developing countries, and why it appears increasing or decreasing depending on these factors. Also, Ms. Angelica Neville, IOM's Project Manager (Gender, Mobility, and Health), talks about the health issues, risks, and vulnerabilities associated with heightened mobility in the Solomon Islands.

Migration Health Research Podcast No. 1 (Migration Health Research Bulletin #14)
Dr. Alexander Klosovsky, IOM's Migration Health Adviser based in Washington D.C., discusses the association between chronic kidney disease and tuberculosis among adult refugees going to the United States.