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Increasing the Capacity of the United Nations Joint Programme of Support on AIDS to Inform and Motivate Migrants for Better Detection and Treatment of HIV/AIDS in Armenia

IOM aims to contribute to the enhancement of local capacities for the prevention, increased detection, referral and treatment of HIV/AIDS among outbound male and female labour migrants in Armenia.

Substance Use Primary Prevention Campaign Effectiveness Measurement Survey Report: Psychoactive Substance Use Primary Prevention Campaign Project

This report presents the results of the survey that assesses the effectiveness of the substance use primary prevention campaign conducted by the International Organization for Migration and relevant stakeholders. It depicts findings related to changes in the awareness of migrant and ethnic minority school children with regard to risks of the use of specific psychoactive substances subsequent to the implementation of the primary prevention campaign in the public school setting.

Nutritional profile of Syrian refugee children before resettlement

The year 2015 marked the highest number of refugees globally and included record numbers of Syrians moving to neighboring countries. Half of the Syrians were children aged ≤18 years. Our study sought to examine undernutrition and overnutrition among a group of Syrian refugee children who underwent medical screening by IOM for resettlement.