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A rapid review of immunisation coverage, vaccine delivery and migration in North Africa amongst migrant populations (PROSPERO 2021 CRD42021256369)

In this systematic review we are trying to answer these specific questions: What is the immunisation coverage among migrant populations in North Africa for key vaccines, and are there variations among migrant subpopulations? Where and by who are vaccines administered to migrant populations? What are the key delivery mechanisms (IOM, NGOs, government structures)? What are the barriers and facilitators to migrant populations accessing vaccines in this region?

Community-based approaches to MHPSS

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) has identified seven different levels of community engagement in MHPSS programmes. In the first three levels, where communities do not have decision-making power, information is either shared with communities or gathered from them, or they are merely consulted. The next two levels are firstly where communities are involved in activity planning but their power remains limited (known as ‘functional’ community engagement) and secondly where communities are completely involved in decision-making processes (‘interactive’ engagement).