The health of trafficked women: A survey of women entering posttrafficking services in Europe

Author/s: Catherine Zimmerman, Mazeda Hossain, Katherine Yun, Vasil Gajdadziev, Natalia Guzun, Maria Tchomarova, Rosa Angela Ciarrocchi, Anna Johansson, Anna Kefurtova, Stefania Scodanibbio, Maria Nenette Motus, Brenda Poche, Linda Morison, Charlotte Watts
Language: English
Publication Type: Scientific Report (Journal)(External)

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The trafficking of women and adolescents is increasingly recognized as one of the world’s fastest growing crimes and a significant violation of human rights. Despite the compelling need for evidence on the physical and psychological health consequences to inform rapidly emerging policies and services for trafficked persons, there is limited evidence about the needs of women who have been trafficked. We investigated the health of women and adolescent girls trafficked for sexual exploitation in Europe who were entering posttrafficking services.
American Journal of Public Health