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RO Vienna MHD Annual Newsletter 2018

Overall consolidated report of the migration health activities in the IOM South-Eastern Europe, Eastern Europe and Central Asian (SEEECA) region in 2018.  The report covers the activities of country missions and the regional office on Health Promotion and Assistance for Migrants (H2/MA) and Migration Health Assistance for Crisis-Affected Populations (H3/MP) programme.


Spotlight: MHD SEECA at Global Events

Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration Program for Nationals of European, Non EU Countries, for Nationals of Asian Countries, and for Nationals of African Countries (AVRRPC)

The project will enlarge activities in return to countries of origin, especially through various types of reintegration activities in the country of return. This assistance will lead to stabilization of returnees and therefore to sustainability of the return and in consequence add value to efforts of Board of Asylum Facilities and IOM Prague. Within the framework of the project, IOM will provide assistance in arranging flights for returnees, obtaining of travel documents, provide pre-departure, transit and post-arrival assistance. .

Wash Assistance to the Conflict-Affected Communities in Non-Government-Controlled Areas of Ukraine

The delicate socio-political context in the non-government-controlled areas (NGCAs) of Ukraine resulting from the self-proclamation of the Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics is reflected in a fragile public service system and very weak local economy. Access to basic services - water, electricity, heating, furniture/equipment, basic food and non-food commodities, hygiene consumables - varies throughout the areas but is insufficient to meet the overall needs of the conflict-affected communities.

Reintegration Assistance for 15 Victims of Trafficking in Ukraine (RAVT 2)

The project intends to provide comprehensive reintegration assistance to victims of trafficking, including males, females and minors, from Ukraine, one of the main countries of origin of trafficking victims. Ukrainian women, men and children are trafficked to over 50 countries of the world including Ukraine, with Poland, Turkey and Russian Federation being the main countries of destination. The project will aim assisting up to fifteen victims of trafficking through the implementation of sustainable reintegration into their home country.

Reintegration Assistance for Victims of Trafficking (RAVT)

IOM's protection and reintegration strategy aims to deliver effective and sustainable reintegration assistance programs to victims of trafficking and facilitate their return to home countries. IOM acts to ensure that the best interests and human rights of victims of trafficking are exercised and protected, with the overall aim of guaranteeing a sustainable normalization of life. Starting from 2000, over 5,000 victims have been provided with direct assistance package from IOM.