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RO Vienna MHD Annual Newsletter 2018

Overall consolidated report of the migration health activities in the IOM South-Eastern Europe, Eastern Europe and Central Asian (SEEECA) region in 2018.  The report covers the activities of country missions and the regional office on Health Promotion and Assistance for Migrants (H2/MA) and Migration Health Assistance for Crisis-Affected Populations (H3/MP) programme.


Spotlight: MHD SEECA at Global Events

The Moldova Youth Health and Well-Being Survey Sanatatea Mea

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and IOM will lead the design and implementation of the Moldova youth health and well-being survey Sanatatea Mea, a quantitative study designed to estimate the prevalence of violence against children and youth, as well as to identify risk and protective factors for violence, and examine health consequences of violence.

Reintegrating Victims and Potential Victims of Trafficking in Human Beings through Specialised Assistance with a Focus on the Transnistrian Region

The proposed project will deliver medical and psychological aid to victims and potential victims of trafficking in human beings through an emergency shelter, and will provide reintegration assistance (including social, legal and psychological aid) for beneficiaries in the Transnistrian region. The goal of this project is to empower individual victims of trafficking by supporting their rehabilitation and reintegration into Moldovan society.

Strengthening the Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Achieve a Life Free of Violence, Moldova (SMAAS)

The goal of the project is for victims of domestic violence to enjoy increased equitable and guaranteed access to protection, to ensure the implementation of domestic violence legislation and protection orders by law enforcement, and improve care through health and social services. The objective of the project is: To strengthen the capacity of police officers, social assistants and medical staff to provide protection for victims of domestic violence using a multidisciplinary approach as a national response to the phenomenon of domestic violence.

Protection and Empowerment of Victims of Human Trafficking and Domestic Violence in Moldova (PEVMOL)

The overall goal of this project is to improve the ability of the Government of Moldova, in partnership with civil society, local communities, and other service providers, to provide its vulnerable citizens with a life free from the threat or experience of domestic violence and human trafficking, as well as to improve the access of these vulnerable citizens to quality, comprehensive, necessary services (medical, psychological, social, legal, employment, and housing) to achieve and sustain such a life.

Capacity Building Program for Medical and Psycho-Social Care of Victims of Trafficking - Republic of Moldova (CBVOT)

The project aims to provide immediate medical and psycho-social assistance to victims of trafficking. Such care in addressing the immediate protection needs of this extremely vulnerable group of migrants, as well as individuals at risk of trafficking are emphasized.