On the Move: Critical Migration Themes in ASEAN

Author/s: Borin Un, Carl Middleton, Chanita Rukspollmuang, Claudia Natali, Jerrold Huguet, Louis Lebel, Michiko Ito, Naruemon Thabchumpon, Rebecca Elmhirst, Premjai Vungsiriphisal, Ratchada Jayagupta, Saisuree Chutikul, Satomi Higashi, Supang Chantavanich, Su Su Thatun, Thanh-Dam Truong
Language: English
Publication Type: Book(External)

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This book explores new concepts and identifies critical themes in migration studies in ASEAN, with a focus on selected emerging trends, namely: various forms and degrees of environmental change and how these changes transform migration; labour, human trafficking and migration; migrant children; and gender. It presents selected papers from two conferences at Chulalongkorn University hosted by the Asian Research Center for Migration (ARCM) and its partners, held to mark International Migrants Day on 18 December in 2011 and 2012. The conferences emphasized the ongoing importance of recognizing and meeting the challenges of migration in both its long-standing and new forms, and facilitated discussion among policymakers, planners and representatives from national ministries of the Royal Thai Government and across ASEAN, international and national organizations, and nongovernmental organization (NGOs) to explore the range of issues associated with migration conceptually and from experiences on the ground.

Editors: Supang Chantavanich, Carl Middleton, and Michiko Ito


Chapter 1 On the Move: Critical themes in migration in South-East Asia

Section I: Enviornment and Migration

Chapter 2 Climate change and migration in South-East Asia: Evidence, expectations and new questions - Loise Lebe
Chapter 3 Regional migration in ASEAN: Types of migrants and possible links to environment - Jerrald W. Huguet
Chapter 4 Conceptualizing and researching flooding and migration in ASEAN - Rebecca Elmhirst
Chapter 5  Human security, flooding and migration among fishing-farming communities around the Tonle Sap Lake, Cambodia  - Carl Middleton, Borin Un and Naruemon Thabchumpon
Chapter 6 The impacts of village relocation and the shifting cultivation eradication policy on swidden farmers in northern Lao People's Democratic Republic

Section II:  Labour, Trafficking and Migration

Chapter 7 Anti-labour exploitation and anti-human trafficking tool: Capacity building for Thai migrant workers - Ratchada
Chapter 8 Nationality verification process in Thailand: What worked, what did not, and the steps forward

Section III: Selected Critical Themes

Chapter 9 Gender as a structure and as intersectionality in migration studies: Implications for practices for social justice and human security - Thanh Dam Truong
Chapter 10 The challenge and gap of migrant children protection: A case study of Thailand’s education policy - Premjai Vungsiriphisal, Chanita Rukspollamuang and Supang Chantavanich



IOM Bangkok, Asian Research Center for Migration of Chulalongkorn University Bangkok