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Situation Analysis of Migrant Health in Viet Nam

The objective of the project is to promote migrants access to healthcare services and advance the recommendations of the WHA 70.15 on Promoting the health of migrants in line with regional and global commitments. The proposed project will support the MOH to assess the current situation of migration, healthcare access for migrants including their challenges and other health dimensions of migrants in Viet Nam.

Assessing the Gains from Rural-Urban Migration in Viet Nam

The project falls under a Joint Programme between the United Nations and the Government of Vietnam toward implementation of the National Target Programme on New Rural Development (NTP-NRD), or ‘Tam Nong’. IOM will conduct a policy-focused study on rural-urban labour migration with a component that focuses on migrant health. The ‘New Rural Areas’ established by Programme aim to provide higher quality of life and increased employment opportunities, and therefore, presumably fewer incentives to migrate.

Standing Up Against Violence (Stand Up) - Migrant Women and Men Working Together to Stop Violence Against Women - Vietnam (Stand Up II)

The project's overall objective is to contribute to national efforts in reducing violence against women, improving the protection and support of women who have experienced violence. Specific objectives are: 1. To empower migrant women affected by violence to speak out and raise awareness of violence against women, strengthening policy development and implementation. 2. To increase psychosocial support for migrant women affected by violence. 3.

Countering Trafficking Through Prevention and Reintegration in An Giang and Mekong Delta Provinces (CTTPR)

The project intends to strengthen the government's efforts to prevent trafficking and support the return and reintegration of trafficked women in various trafficking environments. This will be done through activities to increase prevention of various forms trafficking and to develop and implement an effective return and reintegration model for victims of trafficking. Project purposes are: 1. To develop an effective, confidential and non-judgmental return and reintegration mechanism for trafficked persons. 2.

Comprehensive Return And Reintegration Through Partnership And Collaboration (CRRTPC)

The goal of the project is to contribute to the implementation of the National Plan of Action and to ensure that the government agencies tasked with return and reintegration, especially Ministry of Labour, Invalids, and Social Affairs (MOLISA), are able to use the successful experience of other organizations when developing and implementing return and reintegration programs.

Return and Reintegration Support to Trafficked Women and Children in an Giang Province, Vietnam, Phase 2 (RRTWC)

The project will directly provide evidence of effective programming and policy for Vietnam's national policy and program efforts to improve the return and reintegration of trafficked women. The project's purpose is to provide a comprehensive model of return and reintegration in the South by providing an integrated and unified array of communications, vocational training, psychosocial and physical care, and guidance on employment opportunities, so that trafficked women are effectively reintegrated and are provided opportunities in a safe and supportive environment.

Assessment on Environment-Induced Population Resettlement Design, Planning and Implementation and its Implication for Rural Community Development

The project aims to enhance the rights of Vietnamese resettled population in the context of national and international rights frameworks; it identifies the GoV as the duty bearer to Vietnamese resettled people, who hold rights to decent work opportunities and equitable access to services free of discrimination on the basis of location within Viet Nam, gender, sexual orientation or status of living with HIV/AIDS. The project also mainstreams gender equality.