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Reflections on collective insecurity and virtual resistance in the times of COVID-19 in Malaysia

Environments of human insecurity are a widespread problem in our globalised world, particularly for migrant workers, one of the most vulnerable groups in society today. These experiences of insecurity have been heightened in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. In this article, we examine the collective experience of insecurity among migrant workers in Malaysia.

Addressing COVID-ified maritime migration in the Bay of Bengal: the case of stateless Rohingya boat people

Historically, people have for a long time been using the seas to migrate perilously in unseaworthy boats and risking their lives primarily for safe havens when fleeing persecution or for gaining better economic opportunities in countries of destination. This kind of unsafe migration by sea continues even in the challenging times of countries trying to manage the global pandemic Covid-19. Governing maritime movements is as it is a complex challenge and Covid-19, by raising public health concerns and triggering border-closures across the world, has added to its complexity.

Health and tourism: Implications of COVID-19 pandemic to the Malaysian travel and hospitality industry

Outbreaks of diseases which are contagious and can pose serious health consequences have considerable impacts on the tourism and hospitality industry. This is reflected through past outbreaks such as foot and mouth disease (FMD), SARS, Ebola and Chikungunya. Due to the importance of health in the context of tourism, it is imperative to investigate the extent of the impact of COVID-19 health pandemic as it is considered one of the worst disease outbreaks globally. Thus, this paper aims to explore the implications of Coronavirus (COVID-19) on Malaysian tourism and hospitality industry.

Higher education for the creation of prosperity, sustainability in security and development in times of COVID-19 pandemic: A case study

Higher education has an important role in contributing to the creation of prosperity and alleviate poverty in society by enhancing the quality of life of the students. Past studies indicate that prosperity can be attained through the sustainability in security and development, in the sense which resources are effectively and efficiently managed for the state and its society. The creation of the state's prosperity includes the development of human capital through the platform of education.

Fuzzy TOPSIS method as a decision supporting system to rank Malaysia online shopping website quality during COVID-19 MCO 2020

The rapid growth of Internet technology development has allowed consumers to purchase online products or services, especially during the Movement Control Order (MCO) lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic in Malaysia. Online shopping has become a new norm; however, the services needed frequent updates for improvements. Literature has shown that online shopping website quality influenced online shoppers’ decision-making. Hencein improving the quality of online shopping websites, the criteria for the website’s quality is vital.