East Africa

Gender-based Violence Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices Survey in South Sudan

This study aimed to collect baseline information across a number of states on gender-based violence (GBV), sexual and reproductive health, HIV, and gender norms in emergency settings among key populations of humanitarian concern in South Sudan, including internally displaced persons in the protection of civilian sites, host communities, and female sex workers.

Facilitating Voluntary, Safe and Orderly Return and Pre-Departure Medical Screening and Assistance for Burundian Refugees in Tanzania

This project proposes to contribute to safe, orderly and dignified return migration of Burundian refugees through the following Outcome: Outcome 1: Burundian refugees currently residing in the United Republic of Tanzania have been voluntarily returned to Burundi in a safe, orderly and dignified manner This Outcome will be achieved through the following Output: Output 1.1: Transportation assistance is provided to Burundian refugees having expressed a willingness to return to Burundi. Output 1.2: Pre-departure Health and Nutrition Support is provided to Burundian refugees having expressed a w

Enhancing Integrated Capacity and Assistance to Crisis Affected Populations on Disease Outbreaks, Natural Disasters and Returns in Burundi

The overall objective of this project is to contribute to the national and local efforts undertaken to prevent and respond to potential disease outbreaks and natural disasters, and to reintegrate displaced populations within communities.