COVID-19 and African tourism research agendas

Rogerson C.M.,
Baum T.
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Development Southern Africa


COVID-19 has triggered a burst of international scholarship concerning the reshaping of tourism and the resetting of tourism research agendas. The aim of this paper is to tease out some implications for re-orienting the African tourism research agenda from 2020 and beyond. Arguably, an appropriate African research response to COVID-19 in the context of tourism must embrace a genuine transdisciplinary approach and draw in researchers who would not, historically, have operated in the tourism space. Seven key themes are discussed namely, market confidence; dependence on international long-haul tourists; supporting regional and domestic tourism especially VFR travel; redefining community-based tourism; informal sector resilience; climate change; and, addressing present-mindedness in African tourism scholarship. © 2020 Government Technical Advisory Centre (GTAC).

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climate change; community resource management; COVID-19; informal sector; research; tourism market; tourist behavior; viral disease; Africa