Non-shef2 model related containment and control measures against covid-19 in Africa

Wirsiy F.S.,
Nkfusai C.N.,
Bede F.,
Nzoyom R.B.,
Cumber S.N.
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Pan African Medical Journal
African Field Epidemiology Network


COVID-19 Pandemic has the potential to overwhelm the underserved health care systems of African countries characterized by inadequate infrastructure and too few medical personnel. In responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic, many African countries are using a combination of containment and mitigation activities but in this commentary, we focus on what we term the Non-SHEF2 (S: Social distancing, H: Hands, E: Elbows, F: Face, F: Feel) model related control and containment measures which include seven key measures against COVID-19 doped ‘TITHQC2’ namely, T: Travel-related measures, I: Information and guidance, T: Treatment; H: Hospital containment measures; Q: Quarantine, C: Community containment measures, C: Case detection and contact tracing. COVID-19 is a reality and demands rapid and decisive action to be taken. © Frankline Sevidzem Wirsiy et al.

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