National Profile of Migration of Health Professionals – Kenya

Author/s: IOM MHD RO Brussels, Brenda Ogembo, Anna Moellering, Mariya Samuilova
Language: English
Publication Type: Technical Report(External)

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Worldwide mobility of health professionals (MoHProf) is a growing phenomenon, impacting the health systems of receiving, transit, and sending countries. EU Member States are increasingly affected by these developments - which might occur simultaneously within the same country. This study in Kenya is charged with understanding the context of the migration of health professionals from Kenya. This has been undertaken through two phases of research; a macro phase involving a desk review of documents from government departments and development partners, interviews with key stakeholders involved in the health system and managing of migration and a micro phase involving in-depth interviews with health professionals, students and policy makers.


  • Basic country information
  • Health system 
  • Nurse migration data from the nursing council of Kenya
  • Overall perspectives on migration
  • Brain waste at destination countries
  • Policy framework 
  • Kenya vision 2030
  • Healthcare training and capacity
  • Recruitment and retention of health workers
  • Internal migration of health workers 
  • Lack of data/ Monitoring 


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IOM MHD RO Brussels