National Profile of Migration of Health Professionals – South Africa

Author/s: IOM MHD RO Brussels, Anna Moellering, Mariya Samuilova
Language: English
Publication Type: Technical Report(External)

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Worldwide mobility of health professionals (MoHProf) is a growing phenomenon, impacting the health systems of receiving, transit, and sending countries. EU Member States are increasingly affected by these developments - which might occur simultaneously within the same country. Therefore, the need to develop European policies to adequately address these issues is urgent. At the same time, reliable and differentiated knowledge and findings as a basis for such policy are lacking. MoHProf will contribute to improving this knowledge base and facilitate European policy on human resource planning. 

MoHProf is funded by the European Commission as a medium-scale collaborative project within the Seventh Framework Programme, theme 1, health. 

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IOM MHD RO Brussels