Enhancing Migration Data Management in Kenya: Assessment and Recommendations

Author/s: Gondi Hesbon Olum
Language: English
Publication Type: Technical Report(External)

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This assessment of migration data management in Kenya, commissioned by the African, Caribbean and Pacific Observatory on Migration, was undertaken from September 2012 to January 2013. The assessment was carried out in close consultation and coordination with governmental institutions in the framework of the National Consultative Committee. The key institutions dealing with migration data issues in Kenya are the Department of Immigration Services, the Ministry of Immigration and Registration of Persons, the Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Labour, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, the Central Bank of Kenya, the International Organization for Migration, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and private sector institutions dealing with employment, amongst others. The general findings of the assessment indicate that although Kenya has rich sources of migration data in various institutions, these data is not sufficiently coordinated, shared, analysed and disseminated. In addition, most institutions have limited capacity, resources and facilities for collection, processing, sharing and analysis of migration data, which can result in gaps in the availability of data in some areas, as well as data which are sometimes incomplete, insufficiently updated or not produced in a timely manner. To improve migration data systems in Kenya, it is essential to build capacity in migration data collection, processing, analysis and sharing. A key recommendation of this assessment is strengthening capacity building initiatives, including trainings, recruitment of staff, provision of adequate funds, development of a national migration data management strategy and legal frameworks, modernization or upgrading of old equipment, improved internet connectivity and strengthened monitoring and evaluation processes, amongst others. 

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