Jude Rwemisisi

Mr Jude Tibemanya Rwemisisi

Senior Research Fellow
Institution: Uganda Management Institute
Current Insitution Location: Uganda

Email: jude.rwemisisi@gmail.com
Phone Number: +256779802365
Website: Go to website

Migration Health Research Area/Expertise:
My experience with migration health began in 2013, after 15 years of social science research in health sciences. I participated in a rapid assessment of access to healthcare services at selected one-stop border posts (OSBP) in East Africa. The healthcare needs of mobile populations identified in that study convinced me of the necessity to isolate migration health as a study area with a unique focus. Issues around equity, quality and accessibility of health services, primary health care among migrant and host communities and the unique healthcare needs of migrant workers struck me as special areas to focus on. Cross-border health seeking, medical tourism, and readiness of healthcare service structure to accommodate mobile populations have also struck me as key features of interest for migrant health scholars.

I have since obtained an IOM training of trainers (TOT) certificate from Makerere University Kampala and facilitated a TOT in Migration Health for the staff of Ministry of Works and Transport at Mt Elgon Labour Training Centre 18-22 September 2016. This training covered Human Rights and Migrants’ right to health, Labour Workplace Safety for migrants, Health Issues including HIV/AIDS, Global and Local contexts for migration, health policy and interventions to address migrant health. My exposure to migrant health redirected my perception of quality, equity, equality and accessibility of health services, medical tourism and diplomacy in health service provision.

Research Focus/Expertise on Relevant Migrant Categories:
Internal Migration
Internally displaced persons (Adults)
Migrant Workers (Adolescents, Adults)

International/Cross-Border Migration
Asylum seekers (Adolescents, Adults)
Humanitarian entrants/ Refugee resettlement programs (Adolescents, Adults)
International migrant workers (Adolescents, Adults)
Patient mobility across borders (Adolescents, Adults)
Refugees (Adolescents, Adults)

General Research Focus/Expertise: 
Adolescent health
Disaster preparedness and response
Evidence-based reviews
Global health diplomacy
Health administration
Health and human rights
Health care financing
Health communication
Health diplomacy/ international relations
Health economics
Health policy
Health promotion/ Health education
Health systems research
Health technology
International health regulations
Labour migration and health
Maternal and child health
Medical anthropology
Mental health
Primary health care
Public Health
Refugee health
Research ethics
Sexual and reproductive health

Relevant Projects

Title Year Published Region/Country Role in the Project Main Outcome Link to Study Reports and publications
Documentation, Management and Alignment of Uganda’s borderland resources to the National Development Agenda 2017 East AfricaKenya
East AfricaRwanda
East AfricaSouth Sudan
East AfricaUganda
East AfricaUnited Republic of Tanzania
Southern AfricaDemocratic Republic of the Congo
Principal Investigator Policy for the management of Natural Resources and Human Capital (migrants) to contribute to Uganda's National Development Agenda
Rapid assessment of access to healthcare services at selected one stop border posts (OSBP) in East Africa 2013 East AfricaKenya
East AfricaRwanda
East AfricaSouth Sudan
East AfricaUganda
Southern AfricaZambia
Co-Investigator Establishment of One Stop Border Post Health Units; Recognition of unique health needs of migrants

Relevant Publications

Title Author Year Published Link to Publication
A Rapid Assessment of Access to Health Care at Selected One Stop Border Posts in East Africa Paul Bukuluki, David Mafigiri, John Ssengendo, Jude T. Rwemisisi, Ronald Luwangula, & Ismael Ddumba-Nyanzi 2013
“What if they ask how I got it?” Dilemmas of disclosing parental HIV status and testing children for HIV in Uganda J. Rwemisisi, B Wolff, A Coutinho, H Grosskurth, & J Whitworth 2008
Selection and performance of village health teams (VHTs) in Uganda: lessons from the natural helper model of health promotion Emmanueil Benon Turinawe, Jude T. Rwemisisi, Laban K. Musinguzi, Marije de Groot, Denis Muhangi, Daniel H. de Vries, David K. Mafigiri, & Robert Pool 2015
Traditional birth attendants (TBAs) as potential agents in promoting male involvement in maternity preparedness: Insights from a rural community in Uganda Emmanueil Benon Turinawe, Jude T. Rwemisisi, Laban K. Musinguzi, Marije de Groot, Denis Muhangi, Daniel H. de Vries, David K. Mafigiri, Achilles Katamba, Nadine Parker, & Robert Pool 2016
The first mile: community experience of outbreak control during an Ebola outbreak in Luwero District, Uganda Daniel H. de Vries, Jude T. Rwemisisi, Laban K. Musinguzi, Turinawe E. Benoni, Denis Muhangi, Marije de Groot, David Kaawa-Mafigiri, & Robert Pool 2016
Matriarchy in Patriarchal Societies: Burden of Care of Maternal Relatives and Vulnerability of Orphans from HIV Affected Households in Luwero District Uganda Paul Bukuluki, David Kaawa-Mafigiri, & Jude T. Rwemisisi 2017
Proverbs and Child Protection: A Case Study of Three Bantu Languages: Luganda, Lusoga and Runyankole Paul Bukuluki, Aloysious Nnyombi, Jude T. Rwemisisi, Ronald Luwangula, Ronard Mukuye, & Ismael Ddumba-Nyanzi 2017
Perceptions among Post Delivery Mothers of Skin to Skin Contact and Newborn Care in a Peri-urban Hospital in Uganda Romano N. Byaruhanga, Anna Bergström, Jude Tibemanya, Christine Nakitto, & Pius Okong 2007