Health system considerations related to voluntary and forced displacement in the Eastern Mediterranean Region: a critical analysis of the available literature


Background: The WHO Region for the Eastern Mediterranean has had a history of complex migration patterns, with 
high levels of migration to, from, and within the Region, overlaid by massive recent forced displacement. Relatively little 
is known about the health system response to this large-scale mobility. 

Aims: To review the literature on the Region critically, identify gaps, and suggest areas needing research and policy attention. 

Bibliometric Analysis of COVID-19 in the Context of Migration Health: A Study Protocol

Introduction: Human mobility has been pivotal to the spread of COVID-19 through travel and migration. To mitigate the spread, most countries have imposed strict travel restrictions that have severely affected both the wellbeing and livelihoods of many migrant and mobile populations (both internally and internationally), particularly those from impoverished communities, those affected by humanitarian crises, including populations displaced and/or living in camps and camp-like settings.

Migration Health Research Bulletin, Issue No. 5

A brief overview of the ‘2nd Global Consultation on Migrant Health’ held in Colombo, Sri Lanka in Feb 2017 is provided, highlighting the research agenda embedded as a dedicated technical ‘stream’ within the Global Consultation. Next issue will provide details on the outcomes of the research stream. A research guidance book launched at the Consultation on advancing evidence-based policy and practice is profiled.