Use of Point-of-Care Handheld Ultrasound for Splenomegaly in United States-Bound Refugees: A Novel Technology with Far-Reaching Implications

Author/s: Tim Kummer, Alexandra M. Medley, Alexander Klosovsky, Erin Mann, Patricia Mburu, Karen Ekernas, Betty Bonass, Jacob C. Stauffer, Stewart Walukaga, Michelle Weinberg, Stephen J. Dunlop, William M. Stauffer
Language: English
Publication Type: Scientific Report (Journal)(External)

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Ultrasound (US) is an invaluable clinical tool. New point-of-care US technology holds great promise for hard-to-reach and mobile populations such as refugees. The implementation of US in unique and challenging settings has been hindered by cost, fragility of equipment, need for uninterrupted electricity, training, and difficulty in sharing data/image files impeding quality assurance. The recent development of more flexible, durable, high-quality, low-cost, handheld US technology has offered increased potential to address many of these barriers. We describe a pilot program using a new point-of-care US technology to identify and monitor splenomegaly in United States–bound Congolese refugees. This experience and model may hold lessons for planning and development of similar approaches in other hard-to-reach mobile populations.

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The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene