Strengthening health emergency preparedness in cities and urban settings: guidance for national and local authorities

Author/s: World Health Organization
Language: English
Publication Type: Technical Report(External)

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This guidance document aims to support leaders, policy-makers, and decision-makers in both national and local authorities, who work on strengthening health emergency preparedness in cities and urban settings. 

Building on the key aspects that authorities should consider it proposes possible actions and approaches, that when adapted to different local contexts, will contribute to enhanced prevention, preparedness, and readiness for health emergencies in cities and urban settings for a robust response and eventual recovery. 

The guidance is structured around eight key areas for health emergency preparedness in cities and urban settings, that were identified by the Technical Working Group: 
-Governance and financing for health emergency preparedness
-Multisectoral coordination for preparedness
-High population density and movement
-Community engagement and risk and crisis communication
-Groups at risk of vulnerability
-Data, evidence, and information
-Commerce, industry, and business
-Organisation and delivery of health and other essential services

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