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Health problems of Nepalese labor migrants: A scoping review

Labor migrants (LMs) often work in precarious work environments and are exposed to various health risks. There is a lack of information on the health of international Nepalese LMs (NLMs). This scoping study was conducted to assess the health problems of international NLMs based on the six-stage scoping review process of Arksey and O'Malley. A literature review and stakeholders consultation related to NLMs' health information were conducted.

Exploring the landscape of health-related information of migrants and its management in Nepal: A scoping review

This report presents the findings on health problems of Nepali migrants, management of migrant health information, and associated stakeholders involved in migrant health issues in Nepal by means of scoping study based on both primary and secondary sources. Primary sources were the interviews with 17 key informants working on migrant health-related issues and one focus group discussion with pre-medical health assessment centres.

Limitations of social protections of migrant families in Japan exposed by COVID-19: The case of Nepalese women

The right to protection from violence should be conferred upon all people regardless of their nationality. However, migrant women in Japan face exceptional risks, including that of domestic violence. This paper focuses on the vulnerability of Nepalese women, most often in Japan as dependents of their husbands, who are engaged as cooks in the ubiquitous Indo-Nepali restaurants. Shut out of the male-dominated support networks within the Nepalese community, they are forced to rely on Japanese state support in a time of crisis.