Migration Health Research Podcast No. 12 (Migration Health Research Bulletin #25) 
Dr. Farah Amin, Migration Health Division’s Regional Vaccination Programme Coordinator for Sub-Saharan Africa, who is based in IOM Regional Office in Nairobi, outlines the result of the study which looks at the immunization coverage of refugees being resettled in the United Kingdom who underwent IOM’s health assessment programme. Dr. Radheshyam Krishna KC, Migration Health Project Officer, who was formerly from IOM Nepal, and is now in IOM Libya based in Tunis, discusses the findings on the management of migrant health information in Nepal.


This report presents the findings on health problems of Nepali migrants, management of migrant health information, and associated stakeholders involved in migrant health issues in Nepal by means of scoping study based on both primary and secondary sources. Primary sources were the interviews with 17 key informants working on migrant health-related issues and one focus group discussion with pre-medical health assessment centres. The secondary sources included the review of literature pertaining to health-related information of migrants and health records management of migrants of Nepal by relevant public and private stakeholders. The literature was reviewed using search terms in scientific and grey literature with extraction and synthesis of health-related information. Governmental and non-governmental stakeholders were interviewed, mostly through phones or virtually.

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