Psychosocial needs assessment in emergency displacement, early recovery, and return: IOM tools

Author/s: IOM
Language: English
Publication Type: Manual/ Training guide(External)

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The tools presented in this volume have been developed and used over the past few years in order to identify and respond to people’s psychosocial needs in the midst of an emergency and in early recovery settings, mainly targeting displaced and returnee populations. As tools for IOM operations, they are designed to achieve four main goals: 1) assessing people’s psychosocial well-being in a family setting in a participatory way; 2) mapping the provision of pre-existing and emergency tailored services and capacities to respond to the needs of the affected population; 3) identify most urgent areas of intervention; and 4) accordingly planning interventions aimed at addressing the needs that are not covered by existing services, in the thematic areas where the intervention is most needed.


  • INTRODUCTION: Psychosocial: A definition; Introduction to the tools
  • ANALYSIS OF LITERATURE: Review of relevant literature
  • FOR INTERNATIONAL NATIONAL AND LOCAL STAKEHOLDERS: Profile of the interviewer;  Questionnaires’ objectives; Questionnaires’ expected results; Profile of the interviewees;  Questionnaire for international and national stakeholders;  Questionnaire for local stakeholders
  • INFORMATION RELATED TO THE QUALITATIVE QUESTIONNAIRE FOR HOUSEHOLDS:  Profile of the interviewer;  Sample selection; Guidelines for the implementation of interviews with displaced families; Qualitative questionnaire for househol
  • OBSERVATIONS: Profile of the observer; Scheme for psychosocial well-being of families; Distress indicators list; How to enter the data of observations
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