National preparedness and response plans for COVID-19 and other diseases: Why migrants should be included

Author/s: Dominik Zenner, Kol Wickramage
Language: English
Publication Type: Blog post(External)

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Slogans such as “this viral pandemic respects no borders” or “this is an equal opportunity virus” are often echoed across media platforms and by officials. However, the true impact of pandemics like COVID-19 is rarely homogenous. The spread of the disease and its outcomes affect different persons in different circumstances and at different times in various ways. The interplay between the pathogen, host, and the environment shapes transmission dynamics. This granularity is key to understanding and designing appropriate and targeted measures to mitigate epidemics and this pandemic.

Whilst migrants are a heterogenous group, some may be at greater risk of acquisition and transmission of COVID-19 through several factors or trajectories.

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