Migration health governance: from data to access

Author/s: David Ingleby, Olga Gorbacheva, Steffen Schillinger, Kayvan Bozorgmehr, Isabel de La Mata, Teymur Noori, Agapios Terzidis
Language: English
Publication Type: Workshop/ Conference/ Seminar Presentation(External)

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Background and objectives:

The EU recently experienced unprecedented migratory flux, which challenged its health systems and evidenced the need to expedite implementation of directives aiming at ensuring access to health care, data sharing, and the development of uniform e-health systems.

The workshop aims at:

  • identifying the major new sources and approaches to migration data collection (from point of entry to destination) and evidencing the needs for real-time data collection and management in a safe way, capable of ensuring continuity of care and referrals for migrants.

  • outlining the importance of related enabling policies (i.e. Migrant Integration Policy Index - MIPEX-Health strand) and Regional/Global cooperation towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


IOM Contributors: Olga Gorbacheva (Geneva) and Steffen Schillinger (Manila) 

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European Journal of Public Health, Oxford University Press