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Migration Health Assessment Programme: Pre-Migration Health Activities

Author/s: IOM
Language: English
Publication Type: Brochure/ Factsheet/ Infosheet(External)

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Pre-migration health activities (PMHAs) are one of IOM’s most well-established migration management services and are delivered through IOM’s Migration Health Assessment Programme (HAP). PMHAs are an array of procedures that are undertaken in the context of regular migration at the request of receiving country governments, and aim to achieve at least one of the following: 
• identification of health conditions of public health importance (communicable and non-communicable conditions) in relation to specific country legislation and International Health Regulations; 
• provision of continuity of care, linking pre-departure, travel, transit and post-arrival phases;
• establishment of fitness to travel to another country;
• improvement of the health of migrants before departure to another country through the provision of preventative or curative care;
• minimization or mitigation of public health risks related to mobility.

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