Migration and mental health care in the European Union. In: Dinesh Bhugra (ed) Oxford Textbook of Migrant Psychiatry

Author/s: Guglielmo Schininà, Geertrui Lanneau
Language: English
Publication Type: Book chapter(External)

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This chapter analyses legal and factual aspects of the provision of mental health care for migrants in the European Union (EU), framing migrants’ access to mental health care within the wider contexts of migration in the EU, the EU’s policies for migrants’ integration and access to health care, and EU policies on mental health care for all. The rates of various psychiatric disorders may vary across migrant groups and host populations. The issue of how services can be made more accessible for migrants is to be considered within the context of the provision of mental health care for all in the EU, where mental disorders are a serious public health concern. Various gaps are identified, and various options are suggested that policymakers and healthcare professionals can take into account, bearing in mind facts and figures of migration in Europe—with a particular focus on migration from non-EU countries—and the consideration of mental health care as a right for all migrants.

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