Migrant workers and zoonotic health inequalities in the livestock production sector

Author/s: Dorien Braam, Kolitha Wickramage, Patrick Duigan
Language: English
Publication Type: Research brief(External)

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Migration Health Research Podcast No. 14 (Migration Health Research Bulletin #27) 
Dorien Braam, Assistant Professor of Social Science in One Health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and the Director of Praxis Labs research and consulting, speaks about the importance of the inclusion of migrants into policies and actions towards zoonotic disease prevention and control. Katy Barwise, IOM’s Senior Programme Manager for the United Nations Network on Migration Secretariat, discusses the publication centered on guiding the integration of migration into health interventions.



This working paper highlights the urgent need to address the risk of zoonoses—diseases transmissible between animals and humans—to migrant workers in the livestock product value chain, arguing for the inclusion of migrants into evidence-building and actions for multilevel and interdisciplinary zoonotic disease prevention and control.

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