The Health Impacts on Victims of Human Trafficking in the Republic of Moldova

Author/s: Violina Nazaria, Eugenia Ciubotaru, Oleg Lozan, Simion Terzioglo
Language: English
Publication Type: Scientific Report (Journal)(External)

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Migration Health Research Podcast No. 9 (Migration Health Research Bulletin #22)
Violina Nazaria, Project Coordinator based in IOM Chisinau, discusses the challenges in accessing health care and social services faced by trafficked persons in Moldova. Haley West, Migration Health Senior Programme Officer in Health in Emergencies based in IOM Headquarters talks about the importance and utility of IOM’s health border and mobility management framework.



The current study investigates the effects of human trafficking on the health of victims within the Republic of Moldova. The findings are based on responses provided by 99 victims of human trafficking who had been exploited and were willing to share their experiences, health complaints, and concerns. The proposed study is in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) agenda; to date, limited research exists on the health consequences of human trafficking, and to our knowledge, no surveys have been conducted on the health needs of victims of trafficking for various forms of labor in the Republic of Moldova. The results of the study could serve as a basis for the formulation of pertinent recommendations to the relevant state and civil society actors on how to remedy the current state of play in the country as far as socio-health assistance of the victims is concerned.

Journal of Human Trafficking