A global research agenda on migration, mobility, and health

Author/s: Johanna Hanefeld, Jo Vearey, Neil Lunt, Sadie Bell, Karl Blanchet, Diane Duclos, Ludovica Ghilardi, Daniel Horsfall, Natasha Howard, Jo Hunter Adams, Mphatso Kamndaya, Caroline Lynch, Tackson Makandwa, Nuala McGrath, Moeketsi Modesinyane, Kate O'Donnell, Chesmal Siriwardhana, Richard Smith, Adrienne Testa, Kuda Vanyoro, Helen Walls, Kolitha Prabhash Wickramage, Cathy Zimmermann
Language: English
Publication Type: Scientific Report (Journal)(External)

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With 1 billion people on the move globally—more than 244 million of whom have crossed international borders —and a recognised need to strengthen efforts towards universal health coverage, developing a better understanding of how to respond to the complex interactions between migration, mobility, and health is vital. At the 2nd Global Consultation on Migrant Health in Sri Lanka earlier this year, a group of global experts in health and migration discussed the progress and shortfalls in attaining the actions set out in the 2008 World Health Assembly (WHA) Resolution on the Health of Migrants. An anticipated outcome from the 2017 consultation is a “roadmap towards research and policy dialogue milestones”.4 At the 70th WHA in May, 2017, migration and health were discussed with delegates requesting the WHO’s Director-General to provide guidance to countries on promoting the health of refugees and migrants, with a draft global action to be considered at the 72nd WHA in 2019. 

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