Differential impacts during COVID-19 in Canada: A look at diverse individuals and their businesses

Mo G.,
Cukier W.,
Atputharajah A.,
Boase M.I.,
Hon H.
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Canadian Public Policy
University of Toronto Press


The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic is affecting all segments of society. This study investigates the pandemic's economic and social impacts on diverse groups in Canada, including women, immigrants, Indigenous peoples, persons with disabilities, and racialized people. Using two large online Statistics Canada surveys, which are neither random nor weighted to represent the Canadian population, we consider quantitative differences in the pandemic challenges and concerns reported by women and men, immigrants and those born in Canada, and intersectional groups, both as individuals and as the businesses they own or represent. Within the samples, individuals from diverse groups and their businesses are more negatively affected by COVID-19. © Canadian Public Policy.

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COVID-19; disability; employment; immigrant; indigenous population; racial disparity; small and medium-sized enterprise; socioeconomic impact; viral disease; womens status; Canada; Coronavirus