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Returning with a health condition: A toolkit for counselling migrants with health concerns

Author/s: Janet Rodenburg, Evert Bloemen
Language: English
Publication Type: Booklet/ Handbook()

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This toolkit is one of the outcomes of the IOM project Measures to Enhance the Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration (AVRR) of Migrants with a Chronic Medical Condition Residing in the EU. The project was funded by the European Return Fund Community Actions 2011 and co-funded by the Government of the Netherlands. The project brought together two European Union member States – Hungary and the Netherlands – and seven countries of origin: Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ghana, UNSC resolution 1244-administered Kosovo, Mongolia and Morocco. The toolkit has been produced in partnership with the Pharos Centre of Expertise on Health Disparities in the Netherlands.

This publication serves as a kit of basic tools for the use of return practitioners working with migrants with health conditions in the context of AVRR programmes. It offers return counsellors some basic knowledge about the characteristics of certain diseases and treatments, impairments in daily activities and the impact on travelling and the return and reintegration process. The toolkit contains practical instruments to overcome barriers that may play a role in the return decision-making process of the migrant. 

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