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Employment Assistance Services (EAS) for Kosovars Returnees from Switzerland (EAS-Kosovo 2006)

The programme will build upon current activities and continue to promote sustainable voluntary return and reintegration of Kosovars community members, including ethnic minorities returning from Switzerland by taking appropriate measures to improve socio-economic prospects for both the returnees and members of their receiving communities. The programme will also enhance the capacity of receiving communities to continue to attract, absorb, and retain returning migrants and to prevent further out-migration.

Youth in the Western Balkans—Promoting Peace and Security

Kosovo, as well as other region of The Western Balkans, continues to face major challenges as significant proportions of young people in Kosovo are disenfranchised and disengaged. The lack of opportunities to participate in community initiatives and enhance the community around them, are singled out by youth in most communities, eager for opportunities to better themselves, psychologically, socially, and economically.

IOM Trust Fund Programme - Kosovo Protection Corps (KPC) Phase III

This proposed next stage of the Trust Fund would see the introduction of a new core focus of activity concentrated on public health facilities, which are in dire need of improvement at all levels within Kosovo. The proposed new area of focus would enable the TF Programme to continue making a critical contribution to the betterment of the infrastructure and communities throughout Kosovo. Preliminary projects have been selected based on the new core area of focus and their impact on ethnic minority communities. A preliminary list has been compiled and is included in this proposal.

Addressing Mental Illness and Physical Comorbidities in Migrants and their Families

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Build research capacity in low- and middle-income countries concerning this major global health problem. It focuses on migration in Eastern Europe and Central Asia from two of the world’s highest migrant-sending countries, Kosovo and Tajikistan, both Muslim majority LMICs.