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HIV- Related Knowledge, Attitude, Practices, and Stigma Among Healthcare Providers: Caring for HIV in Jordan: Identification of Several Organizational Challenges

Background: There is paucity of data on Healthcare Providers (HCPs) caring for people living with HIV (PLHIV) in Jordan.

Objective: We aimed to understand HCPs’ knowledge, attitude, stigma, and practices, to assess the gaps in HIV care in Jordan.

Methods: We conducted recorded in-depth interviews with all five HCPs working at the only HIV Service Center in Jordan, using semi-structured questions in 2021. Content analysis was performed.

Tuberculosis-related knowledge, behaviors, stigmatizing attitude, and discrimination among refugees, migrants, and the general population in Jordan

A better understanding of tuberculosis-related knowledge, attitude, practices in the community, and other issues can help in implementing evidence-driven activities to control tuberculosis in Jordan. This study aimed to assess tuberculosis-related knowledge, attitude, and behaviors among refugees, migrants, and general population, and assess their stigmatizing and discrimination attitudes toward tuberculosis patients, social behavior toward tuberculosis, and healthcare-seeking behaviors.

High prevalence of current tobacco smoking among patients with tuberculosis and people living with HIV in Jordan: A cross-sectional survey

Continued smoking by patients with tuberculosis (TB) and people living with HIV (PLHIV) leads to adverse treatment outcomes. Estimates of tobacco use among the population are scarce in the Eastern Mediterranean region, where the burden of TB and HIV is also low but highly variable. This study determined the prevalence of current smoking and assessed factors associated with current smoking among patients with TB and PLHIV in Jordan.