Psychosocial Support and Protection Mechanism for Expelled Burundian Migrants

Author/s: IOM Burundi
Language: English
Publication Type: Brochure/ Factsheet/ Infosheet(External)

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Between 2013 and 2014, in addition to IDPs and returnees, 45,533 Burundian migrants (51% women, 49% men), who, had never regularized their stay in Tanzania, were deported by the Tanzanian Government due to the recent immigration law. Due to the rapid expulsion of Burundian migrants from Tanzania to Burundi, many left without belongings or in some cases, even their spouses. They arrived in an environment, in particular in communes with high rates of returns, where resources were already stretched. Expelled migrants are often not able to avail of the most basic services such as: medical services, potable water, livelihoods or education.

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