The dramatic rise in migration flows to Europe over the last few years has reaffirmed the importance of integrating migrants into European health systems. Most migrants arriving in Europe are healthy. Nevertheless, the conditions and factors surrounding the migration process, such as circumstances before departure, during travel and in reception settings, determine the health vulnerabilities of migrants and the communities with which they interact. Furthermore, despite the right to health being enshrined in numerous international and European legal instruments, access to healthcare for migrants differs according to the national policies of the country to which the person migrates. This chapter provides an overview of the migrant health situation based on field assessments and policy reviews conducted within actions led by the International Organization for Migration in the European Union. The first part of the chapter will focus on the health situation and needs of newly arrived migrants who have made the perilous journey to Europe, while the second part will focus on the entitlements and access to health services for regular migrants, asylum-seekers and undocumented migrants.

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