Croatia National Roma Integration Strategy Progress Report

Author/s: IOM MHD RO Brussels, Irena Martinovic Klaric, Lana Peternel, Branko Ancic
Language: English
Publication Type: Technical Report(External)

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This country situation report is written within the framework of IOMs Equi-Health project: Fostering health provisions for migrants, the Roma, and other vulnerabe groups. The project was awarded funding in 2012 by the EC DG Health and Consumers (DG SANTE), within the second EC Public Health Programme 2008-2013. The aim of the sub-project on Roma Health is to improve the access to and quality of health care, and promote health education and prevention in eight EU countries with a high percentage of Roma nationals and/or migrants. The Equi-Health project plan is to develop a network of key stakeholders, possesing knowledge of and experience in Roma health and related issues, who will delineate strategies for capacity building and cooperation between participating States. In order to better approach the subject of Roma health in Croatia, this country situation report provides an overview of the implementation of national integration strategies on Roma health in Croatia.


  • Introduction
  • Context overview
  • Overview of the policies developments at national level
  • NRIS imlementation at local/ municipal level
  • Case study: Roma health mediation programme
  • Conclusion and recommendations
IOM MHD RO Brussels