Duleeka Knipe

Dr Duleeka Knipe

Economic and Social Research Council Research Fellow
Institution: University of Bristol
Current Insitution Location: United Kingdom

Email: dee.knipe@bristol.ac.uk
Phone Number: (0117) 3314574
Website: Go to website

School of Social & Community Medicine, Canynge Hall 2.12, Bristol, BS8 2PS

Migration Health Research Area/Expertise:
My research into migration has been in investigating the impact of temporary foreign migration on families left behind on the risk of self-harm and suicide. This work has been conducted in the North Central Province of Sri Lanka.

Research Focus/Expertise on Relevant Migrant Categories:
Internal Migration
Left-behind migrant families (Children, Adolescents, Adults, Elderly)

International/Cross-Border Migration
Left -behind migrant families (Children, Adolescents, Adults, Elderly)

General Research Focus/Expertise: 
Evidence-based reviews
Labour migration and health
Mental health
Non-communicable diseases (NCD)
Public Health
Social determinant

Relevant Projects

Title Year Published Region/Country Role in the Project Main Outcome Link to Study Reports and publications
Self-harm in families ‘left-behind’ by temporary foreign migration 2017 Asia and the PacificSri Lanka Principal Investigator Suicide (fatal and non-fatal)