Structural and Contingent Inequalities: The Impact of COVID-19 on Migrant and Refugee Populations in South America

Zapata G.P.,
Prieto Rosas V.
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Bulletin of Latin American Research
Blackwell Publishing Ltd


In a comparative assessment of the pre-pandemic living conditions of migrants and refugees in six South American countries, we analyse the structural and contingent challenges imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic on these populations. We argue that they are particularly exposed to the harmful effects of the pandemic, given their segmented incorporation into labour markets and their limited and fragmented access to and exercise of health, housing, and other social rights. The evidence points to a significant deterioration in their livelihoods and social inclusion, and potential profound changes in (im)mobility regimes caused by pandemic-induced restrictive measures. © 2020 Society for Latin American Studies

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comparative study; COVID-19; health impact; immigrant; labor market; livelihood; refugee; social inclusion; social mobility; viral disease; South America