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Enhancing the Capacities of the Liberian Anti Human Trafficking Taskforce in Implementing the Liberian Act to Ban Trafficking of 2005

This project aims to build the capacities of all trafficking stakeholders including the Anti – Human Trafficking Taskforce (AHTT) but particularly the Trafficking In Persons Secretariat (TIP) in implementing the Liberian 2005 Act to Ban Trafficking in Persons. The AHTT comprises of government ministries and agencies with mainly trafficking functions that support the work of the TIP Secretariat. The TIP Secretariat is placed under the supervision of the Ministry of Labour ( MoL).

Support to Multi-hazard Preparedness and Response for Liberia

The objective of the joint proposal is to strengthen goverment capacity to mitigate, prevent and respond to multi-hazard threats caused by epidemics and disasters. The key strategic areas to be addressed by this proposal includes: 1. Disaster risk reduction with focus on multi hazard national preparedness and response plan 2. Surveillance and laboratory services for human and animal health 3. Emergency preparedness and response 4. IHR core capacities at the POE 5. Risk communication and community engagement.

Renovating and Rehabilitating the A. M. Dogliotti Medical College at the University of Liberia, Monrovia

The overall goal of the project is to improve the training of medical professionals in Liberia by renovating the key features of the country’s only medical school, the A. M. Dogliotti Medical College at the University of Liberia, in Monrovia. More in details, the IOM will provide operational and technical support to the A. M.