Resilience, Courage, and Solidarity: Stories from the Ebola response

Author/s: IOM
Language: English
Publication Type: Book(External)

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This book is dedicated to the numerous staff members who served at the frontlines of IOM's ebola response as well as those in the supportive roles who contributed towards its success.


  • IOM responds to a public health emergency of international concern
  • On the road to three ebola treatment units
  • Surviving ebola treatment units
  • Getting fully equipped to treat ebola patients
  • On the frontlines at the community care centre and the ebola treatment unit
  • REuniting mother and child: Sinje Etu's first patients and survivors
  • Ebola: Fading memories
  • Kallie Turay interview
  • Caroline Christiana Damba interview
  • Quinette Bangura interview
  • Manso Kamara interview