Psychological impact of COVID-19 in a refugee camp in Iraq

Kizilhan J.I.,
Noll-Hussong M.
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Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences
Blackwell Publishing


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adult; age; cohort analysis; Composite International Diagnostic Interview; coronavirus disease 2019; cross-sectional study; demography; descriptive research; disease course; disease duration; educational status; female; helplessness; human; Impact of Events Scale; Iraq; Letter; major clinical study; male; mental disease; mental disease assessment; mental health; pandemic; personal experience; pilot study; posttraumatic stress disorder; prevalence; psychometry; refugee camp; sex difference; sex ratio; social isolation; terrorism; adolescent; anxiety disorder; crime victim; depression; dissociative disorder; exposure to violence; mental disease; middle aged; psychology; refugee; somatoform disorder; suicidal ideation; torture; young adult; Adolescent; Adult; Anxiety Disorders; COVID-19; Crime Victims; Depressive Disorder; Dissociative Disorders; Exposure to Violence; Female; Humans; Iraq; Male; Mental Disorders; Middle Aged; Refugee Camps; Refugees; Somatoform Disorders; Stress Disorders, Post-Traumatic; Suicidal Ideation; Terrorism; Torture; Young Adult