Gastrointestinal symptoms and Hematological changes in COVID 19 patients

Kadir S.,
Memon J.,
Memon S.,
Bhutt S.,
Dars A.G.
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Pakistan Journal of Medical and Health Sciences
Lahore Medical And Dental College


Aim: To see the different gastrointestinal clinical presentations and Hematological changes in COVID 19 patients. Methodology: A prospective study was conducted at Department of medicine Liaquat university of medical and health sciences from April 2020 to July 2020. The total sample of 80 subjects who matched the inclusion and exclusion criteria within the study were selected. Patients were assessed clinically and by ultrasound to exclude surgical causes. Data was collected by an interviewer on questionnaire and analyzed on SPSS. Results: The mean age was 47 years, which ranged from 20 to 70 years. There were 62(77.5%) males and 18(22.5%) were females. According to epidemiologic characteristics 5(6.2%) had travel history, 7(8.7%) had positive contact with COVID 19 history and rest 68(85%) had no history of contact and travel. Out of 80 cases 23(28.7%) had diarrhea, 16(20%) had abdominal pain, 32(40%) had fever and 9(11.25%) had loss of appetite. laboratory tests showed, raised leukocytes count and neutrophills was present in 18(22.5%) and 23(28.75%) respectively. Lymphocytopenia was observed in 33 (41.2%) cases. CRP and ferritin were increased in 51(63.7%) and 49(61.25%) cases respectively. Only 2 patients were diagnosed as acute appendicitis on abdominal Ultrasonography. Conclusion: GI symptoms are common in covid patients other than respiratory symptoms. Patients can present with only GI symptoms in COVID so it is necessary to screen the patient for COVID and rule out the surgical causes. © 2020 Lahore Medical And Dental College. All rights reserved.

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C reactive protein; ferritin; abdominal pain; acute appendicitis; adult; aged; Article; coronavirus disease 2019; diarrhea; echography; female; fever; gastrointestinal symptom; hematological parameters; human; laboratory test; leukocyte count; loss of appetite; lymphocyte count; lymphocytopenia; major clinical study; male; medical history; neutrophil count; polymerase chain reaction; prospective study; questionnaire