The effects of COVID-19 on religious activity in Malta

Zammit V.
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International Journal of Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage
Dublin Institute of Technology


The unexpected COVID-19 pandemic that struck the world has negatively affected all kinds of everyday activities. Besides the effects that this pandemic has had on the economy, social life and political scene, it has affected religion in various ways. The effects on religion are manifold. The immediate regulations issued by the local government for social distancing, the prohibition of mass gatherings, and the closure of all religious places has disrupted all aspects of everyday religious life. Meanwhile, tourism has suffered immensely, and this has also negatively impacted the international aspect of religious tourism. The negative impact on religion is wide ranging – from all churches being closed, all religious services being suspended, to no baptisms, holy communion or confirmation, weddings or funerals being held. The drastic decision of suspending all popular parish feasts this year has also been taken. The disruption that has come, practically unexpectedly, to the communities has led to innovative activities being organised by individuals, street communities and even the church itself. In this paper I aim to look at some of the changes that have affected Malta and its local communities regarding religious aspects due to the COVID-19 pandemic. © International Journal of Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage

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