COVID-19 emergency in the cruise's ship: A case report of conjunctivitis

Salducci M.,
Torre G.L.
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Clinica Terapeutica
Societa Editrice Universo


Little is known about the Covid-19 transmission through ocular tissue, and more research needs to be carried out in order to confirm its ability to infect ocular tissue and its pathogenic mechanisms. Covid- 19 may be detected in the tears and conjunctival secretions in novel coronavirus pneumonia patients with conjunctivitis. This case report shows a severe viral conjunctivitis in a patient diagnosed with Covid-19 on the Diamond Princess ship, characterized by both red, irritated and swollen eyes, with transparent serous secretions, conjunctival chemosis, pseudomembranes of fibrin and inflammatory cells on the tarsal conjunctiva accompanied by preauricular lymph nodes and enlarged submaxillaries. © 2020 Societa Editrice Universo. All rights reserved.

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