Dr Lucinda Hiam

General Pratitioner
Institution: National Health Service
Current Institution Location: United Kingdom


Migration Health Research Area/Expertise
Lu is an NHS GP and works for NGOs both at home and abroad. In the past year, she has worked for Médecins Sans Frontières in Uganda and in the Middle East, providing healthcare for Syrian refugees. She is part of the Primary Care International clinical team, working to strengthen family medicine worldwide. In the UK, she is a GP Champion for Doctors of the World (DOTW), where she volunteers as a clinic doctor for those unable to access healthcare, such as undocumented migrants, and previously was their health advisor. She is passionate about advocating for access to healthcare, and for DOTW’s ‘stop sharing’ campaign gave evidence to the UK Parliamentary health and social care select committee.

Academically, Lu is a programme officer at Lancet Migration, holds an honorary research fellow position at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, a research associate position at the University of Witswatersrand in Johannesburg, and is undertaking a part-time DPhil at the University of Oxford. Her research interests include overcoming barriers migrants face when accessing healthcare, universal health coverage, and the impacts of austerity on health outcomes in the UK. She is passionate about accessible research that can influence policy and advocacy.

Research Focus/Expertise on Relevant Migrant Categories
Internal Migration
Internally displaced persons (Children, Adolescents, Adults, Elderly)

International/Cross-Border Migration
Refugees (Children, Adolescents, Adults, Elderly)
Asylum seekers (Children, Adolescents, Adults, Elderly)
Patient mobility across borders (Children, Adolescents, Adults, Elderly)

Relevant Publications

Title Author Year Published Link to Publication
Universal Health Coverage in the UK Hiam L, Orcutt M, Yates R
Creating a hostile environment for migrants: the British government’s use of health service data to restrict immigration is a very bad idea Hiam L, Steel S, McKee M
Upfront charging of overseas visitors using the NHS Hiam L, McKee M