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Feasibility, Uptake, and Results of COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Diagnostic Tests among Refugees and Migrants in a Pilot Project in North-West Syria

Abstract: North-west Syria (NWS) is a conflict-affected and unstable area. Due to its limited health infrastructure, accessing advanced COVID-19 testing services is challenging. COVID-19 antigen rapid diagnostic tests (Ag-RDTs) have the potential to overcome this barrier. A pilot project was implemented to introduce Ag-RDTs in NWS, aiming to determine the feasibility, uptake, and results of Ag-RDTs and identify facilitators and barriers to testing with Ag-RDTs.

Coronavirus 2019 and health systems affected by protracted conflict: The case of Syria

Introduction: Two thirds of countries globally are unprepared to respond to a health emergency as per the International Health Regulations (2005), with conflict-affected countries like Syria being particularly vulnerable. Political influences on outbreak preparedness, response and reporting may also adversely affect control of SARS-CoV-2 in Syria. Syria reported its first case on 22 March 2020; however, concerns were raised that this was delayed and that underreporting continues.

Continuation of Integrated Protection and Provision of Legal Services to IDPs and Host Community Members in Darkoush Sub-District, Idleb, and Enhanced Shelter Solutions for IDPs and Host Community in Rural Aleppo

The proposed project has two main components: IOM aims to continue providing protection services in the community center established in Idleb Governorate, Jiser Al Shughour District, Darkoush Sub-District to ensure that a greater number of Syrians have access to information and protection services in their community. Second, IOM seeks to mitigate the health, protection, and security risks for displaced populations being hosted in transit reception centres, and those living in makeshift camps, by providing alternative shelter solutions.