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COVID in crisis: The impact of COVID-19 in complex humanitarian emergencies

Introduction: Two billion people are currently affected by complex humanitarian emergencies (CHEs) resulting from natural disasters and armed confl ict. Many have been displaced into crowded camps with poor access to water, sanitation, and health care. Humanitarian response is challenging under these circumstances, raising concern about the impact of COVID-19 on crisis-aff ected populations. Methods: This article examines CHEs in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Bangladesh, and Yemen, where protracted crises have displaced millions of people.

Prevention of COVID-19 in internally displaced persons camps in War-Torn North Kivu, Democratic Republic of the Congo: A mixed-methods study

Background: The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic poses a grave threat to refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs). We examined knowledge, attitudes, and practices with respect to COVID-19 prevention among IDPs in war-torn Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Methods: Mixed-methods study with qualitative (focus group discussions, [FGDs]) and quantitative (52-item survey questionnaire) data collection and synthesis. Results: FGDs (N=23) and survey questionnaires (N=164 IDPs; N=143 comparison group) were conducted in May 2020.

Migration Emergency Funding Mechanism (MEFM) for Ebola Emergency Response in North Kivu (DRC)

In order to strengthen the collective response to the Ebola outbreak according to the current strategic response plan (v2.1) and considering the most recent calls for support from the Ministry of Health and key partners, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) has started to reinforce and expand its current operations in Eastern DRC.