Pre and post impacts of covid-19: Air quality index in indian context

Kaur H.
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Journal of Green Engineering
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The global damage caused by the coronavirus pandemic of 2019–20 has multiple environmental and temperature impacts. The extreme reduction in the scheduled travel has resulted in a decrease in pollution levels in several areas. Lockdowns and other steps culminated in greenhouse gas emissions reduction of 25 per cent. Increases in the volume of greenhouse gasses created after the advent of the industrialization period have prompted average global temperatures to increase on Earth by 2020, creating consequences like ice melting and increasing sea levels. Human action has been triggering environmental destruction in different ways. Air pollution can have short and long-term health consequences, and many are worried about air pollution. Globally 24,000 people are estimated to die prematurely each year as a result of air pollution. This paper provides an overview of different causes of air pollution and hazardous effects on human health, environment and climate.Pre and post impacts of coronavirus pandemic on the environment is also discussed. © 2020, Alpha Publishers. All rights reserved.

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