What can be done in EU Member States to better protect the health of migrants?

Author/s: Paola Pace
Language: English
Publication Type: Scientific Report (Journal)(External)

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The right of evryone to be the highestattainable standard of physical and mental health (right to health) is a human right recognized in numerous instruments at the international, regional, and national levels and supported by a range of accountabilty mechanisms. Those who migrate are human beings and therefore right holders, as wel as active agents of economic, cultural, social, and politcal development. Notwithstanding  the attention that the health both of those who migrate and affected communities, so called migration health, has gained in Europe in recent years, as well as flourishing of good policies, legilation and practical obstacles to accessing their rights, including their right to health. This article provides an overview of the substance of the right to health, and the current legal framework. Examples from all stages of migration lifecycle, from pre-departure to eventual return and reintegration, are used to illustrate the particular challenges to the realisation of the right to health for migrants in Europe. Recommendations are also provided. 

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